Consulting on non-litigation matters involving a wide range of disputes in the business and professional world from business partner disputes to employment issues to difficulties with business clients, suppliers and professional services.



Mediation of litigated matters from the filing of a complaint to post-judgment issues.



Arbitration for disputes whether in litigation or pre-litigation, structured to meet the needs of the parties and the subject matter.


Mini Trials

Many Courts are now looking at the concept of Mini trials for certain cases. It is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The general idea is to basically try your case to a jury in a day or less. It is a summary process where all aspects of the case are shortened from the selection of a jury, opening statement, the presentation of evidence, closing statements and jury instructions. The parties with the assistance of a neutral establish the ground rules for the proceeding with the neutral typically serving as the presiding judge. The parties can use the verdict as advisory or may elect to have it form the basis of a binding settlement.